Isola Água Top Ceramfix 5Kg

Isola Água® is a cement-based, semi-flexible waterproofing agent and crystallizing agent that enhances easy-to-apply moisture protection, resistant to positive and negative water pressure. Combat moisture penetration in structures, masonry and floors without structural movement.

Packaging: Box of 5kg
Consumption: 1.4 kg / m² / coat.
Validity: 18 months;
Color: Gray

Indication of use

  • Positive and negative water pressure resistance
  • Box and Pools
  • Concrete Floor or Counter Contact with Ground
  • Gardens and Fountains
  • Elevator Shafts, Baldrames and Foundations
  • Masonry, Retaining Walls and Concrete Curtains.
  • Walls and Baseboards

Available Colors:

  • Grey